How to Take in Jeans Waist (By hand)

You have lost weight, and now your jeans do not fit you anymore. But you also don’t want to lose those jeans because you love them. Our simple technique to take in your jeans waist. This step-by-step tutorial, will help you learn how to take in jeans waist by hand.

You can alter your jean’s waist without cutting or using a sewing machine. Yes, you heard it right! Take in your jeans waist by hand sewing with embroidery thread.

Items Needed

Please make sure not to use a permanent marker. You can use any light marker for your guidance. Also, you can use any thick and strong thread. That means you do not necessarily need embroidery thread.


Which thread is used?

The embroidery thread is used for this tutorial. But you can use any thick and strong thread.

Do I need to sew both sides of the jeans?

It depends! You can sew both sides equally but keep in mind your required waist. So, you don’t end up overdoing it. Also, one side sews will also work perfectly. Both sides are preferred if a larger waist reduction is required.

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