How I Am Clearing My Acne

    Hello loves,

    So today I am talking about acne. For the longest time, I have battled with (not-so-severe) acne and other acne related issues such as scarring. It wasn’t until I attended a skincare masterclass by Youtopia beauty last year that I finally understood the science of skincare and how to get the skin I want to have. That free masterclass opened me up to a different world and I’ll always be glad I attended.

    One of the most important lessons that I learnt there was – THERE IS NO MIRACLE ACNE PRODUCT! Just like working out, great skin takes consistent care and maintenance practices. I personally believe that anyone who wants great skin can apply these methods and we can all begin to have the best skin of our lives.

    I filmed a video about how I am clearing my acne.

    What I learnt at the skin care masterclass

    1. Great skin takes consistent care not miracle formulas
    2. To have great skin, you have to have a regimen

    Here is the regimen that was recommended:

    1. Cleansing: It is important to have a fuss-free cleanser that you use to wash off dirt and oil from your face. This can be something ordinary without a ton of chemicals. For me, I use black soap. I have been using it for the past couple of months and while it’s not a miracle acne clearing agent, it really does the job of helping me get rid of dirt and oil without breaking me out further. I buy mine from a friend but you can DIY yours with this combo: Black soap, turmeric, tea tree oil and honey.
    2. Toning: They talked about the importance of balancing your ph levels and using a toner to achieve that. Like cleansers, toners should be fuss-free. The top recommended toner was rose water and witch hazel. I use the Thayers witch hazel brand because it has no alcohol.
    3. Exfoliate: They come in two forms, chemical and mechanical. The mechanical ones are those that have tiny beads that help slough off dead skin cells. The chemical ones have ingredients such as glycolic acid that do the same job of exfoliating on a chemical level.
    4. Mask: Depending on my skin needs I use either Rhassoul clay and apple cider vinegar for deep extraction or a moisturising mix of honey, lemon and turmeric.
    5. Serum: A serum is a liquid with all the necessary nutrients packed into it for easy absorption. In order to infuse goodness into your skin, using a serum is important. The most recommended serum at the masterclass was Vitamin C because it contains antioxidants that help reduce free radical damage. Here was the analogy that was used. When you put lemon on a cut apple it prevents browning, right? Well, it is almost the same as your skin. You need a barrier between the elements and that’s where a serum comes in. I use the Rahda Beauty C serum but I prefer the one by Serumtologie.
    6. Moisturiser: That goes without saying that even the oiliest skin needs a moisturiser. I tend to tilt towards the ones that are unlikely to break me out. So I use The Neutrogena visibly clear oil-free moisturiser
    7. Sunscreen: The last and final step in the regimen. At the masterclass, they described the sunscreen as a dress for your face. Do you go out without wearing clothes? Well, it’s the same with your face. Never step out without sunscreen. This, in my opinion, has made the biggest impact on my skin. I had previously suffered a lot of hyperpigmentation issues prior to using sunscreen. I use the Neutrogena ultra sheer sunscreen.


    What my skin used to look like. Gosh I can’t bear to look

    Here is what a weekly regimen can look like

    Monday & Tuesday

    Cleanse, tone, serum, moisturise, sunscreen


    Cleanse, scrub, mask, tone, serum, moisturise, sunscreen

    Thursday & Friday

    Cleanse, tone, serum, moisturise, sunscreen


    Cleanse, scrub, mask, tone, serum, moisturise, sunscreen


    Cleanse, tone, serum, moisturise, sunscreen

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