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    How To Take Your Own Photos

    So you want to take your own photos?



    I attempted taking my own engagement photos because every photographer we approached was in the 100-200,000 range [$560] and I wasn’t having it. So here is how I took my own indoor and outdoor photos and here is what you can learn from my experience.




    Get a camera and a tripod

    I happen to have a DSLR camera [Canon 60d with a 50mm lens] and a tripod, but if you don’t, there has to be a friend that can lend you one. If you don’t have a tripod, I promise you can stack some books or a bucket and place the camera on top of it. No one will know. For the indoor shoot, I used a remote which makes the process a whole lot easier. But for the outdoor shoot, our remote just wouldn’t work so we used a 10 second timer. I had only 10 seconds to run into frame and pose. It was hilarious!

    Get inspiration

    I created a mood-board of poses and photoshoots that I love and I pinned them on my board. This served as major inspiration before and during the shoot. We were going for an indoor and outdoor shoot with a laid back feel to reflect our personalities.

    Plan your outfit

    I am not a big fan of matching colours for a shoot. I prefer colours that complement one another. Pick colours that complement one another and colours that match your skin tone. Pastel blues and pinks complement each other and so does white and dusty rose. For the indoor shoot I wore a lighter colour of denim and I think it was very complementary to my fiancé’s chambray shirt.

    Use a Cheat sheet

    I found it here:

    You can get some settings from a professional photographer but please don’t shoot on manual mode, I plead with you. In my case I used a cheat sheet.  A cheat sheet basically shows you different settings for different light conditions.


    Play some music

    Nothing gets you in the mood like some good music. Great music can lift your mood ant it will reflect in the photos

    Add some pizzaz

    Add lens flare by tapping something to the right edge of the lens. I like this trick because it creates a blur of some sort around the edge.


    Wear Sunscreen

    Sunscreen adds a a certain glow to your skin that you camera lens gladly picks up.

    Wear more makeup

    Makeup washes off on camera for some reason. So wear more makeup that you do on a regular day.

    The more lit, the better

    Photography is light. Repeat that to yourself.

    The more lit the photo is, the better.

    Ignore the Haters

    Are you going to save money or care what people think of you? Your choice.

    If you decide to do your own shoot, please tag me on Instagram @diydose.

    Looking forward to seeing them.

    Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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