DIY Bracelet out of Cellotape

DIY Dose Bracelet from a cellotape


I once featured this bracelet I made out of cello-tape in my first blog post and I got a request after my last post on the lace bib necklace, to make more stuff out of regular materials lying around the house.

So here is a fail-proof method you can use to create a cuff bracelet out of cello-tape.

What You’ll Need

  • Cello-tape
  • Fabric Strips
  • Glue

diy bracelet


1. Take an old cello-tape that is nearly finished

2. Cut a strip/ strips of fabric

3. Fold at one end

4. Glue to the inside of the cello-tape. Ensure that folded end is on the left side.

5. Fold over cello-tape ensuring that the ripped end of the fabric is covered by the folded end.

6. Wrap cello-tape till you have only a little portion to cover.

7. Fold the other end of the fabric.

And that’s all!! You have a nice cuff bracelet. You can embellish it with flowers, pearls or stones as I did in the photo.


If your wrist is small like mine, create another one from either a bangle or smaller cello-tape to keep the bigger cuff from falling off your hands.

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