Peplum Belt DIY

Hullo!! :D. This is an easy way to make a peplum belt in 9 easy steps.

My deep apologies for going AWOL. I would explain but that would take a whole post, so please forgive me and let’s move on to this tutorial I’ve had in my draft…. :)

Today’s tutorial was inspired by this peplum belt I saw on ASOS

 Source: Asos

Whoever invented the detachable peplum belt is my new best friend. Sadly for a belt, the price tag was way above my budget. So I asked myself the same question I’m gonna ask y’all today.


Did you see that rhyme? I should quit my job and become a rapper.

Are you ready? Let me warn you in advance though, if your math knowledge is rusty you’re gonna have to shine it up for this peplum belt tutorial. But I can assure you that this method is totally FAIL-PROOF!!


  • Steady Hands
  • Ribbon/Skinny belt
  • Faux leather (I used one with a fabric back so I can iron it)
  • Scissors
  • Tailor’s chalk/pen
  • Measuring tape
  • Hammer
  • Hole punch/nail (optional)
  • Hammer studs (I’m not sure I this is the real name. You may use buttons instead)


Measure your waist. The point where you want your peplum belt to sit, this measurement will be your circumference.

If you don’t remember what a circumference is, no worries, I’ll be you math tutor.

parts of a circle

I lost all my pictures so I’ll be using illustrations. If I have to teach you simple math, then you really shouldn’t laugh at my illustrations. Are we even? Good!!


In order to draw your circle on the leather, you need to find the radius. Don’t let all of this discourage you from making this peplum belt, it’ll be easy once you understand it.

To find the radius, you first need to find the diameter. Simply divide your circumference (waist length) bu PI. PI=3.14. Divide the result by 2 to get the radius.

In my case, my circumference (waist length) is 25″ therefore 25 divided by 3.14= 7.96 and 7.96 divided by 2= 3.98 which is approximately 4 inches

I went through the trouble of calculating for different waist sizes. Yeah Yeah, Thank me later!

Waist Length Radius (appx)
24 3.8
25 4
26 4.1
27 4.3
28 4.5
29 4.6
30 4.8

If your waist is bigger than 30, Nne! calculate by ya sef!


Making all your marks on the back of your leather, follow the illustrations below.

peplum belt tutorial

  1. Draw a dot.

  2. Using your tape measure from the dot, make marks all round, the exact length of the radius you just found.

  3. Fill the marks to form your circle. Please note that you should have clean lines to guide you precisely when cutting.

  4. Repeat step 1 for the length of the belt. This time start from the edge of your first circle (your waist) I used 7 inches but you can reduce/increase depending on how short or long you want your peplum belt to be.


peplum belt tutorial

5. Repeat no. 3

6. Draw 2 straight lines that meet at the centre. No need to fret if it eats a little out of your waist length. You’ll need that opening

7. Carefully cut out shaded portion

8. Diagram is what it will look like



9. Repeat no. 7

10. Your leather cut out should look like a C or a horseshoe.


Using your scrap leather, cut out about 0.5 inch wide rectangles. The length is totally up to you. Just make sure it’s long enough so that when folded over, it can accommodate whatever you have chosen to hold your peplum belt: skinny belt/ ribbon.


peplum belt tutorial

Place the strips at equal corners of your belt.


Fold the leather strips over your peplum belt and punch holes through both the belt and the strips


Insert your hammer studs and use a hammer to seal it closed. In the event you do not find these studs, you may use tiny buttons, simply sew through.

Pass a ribbon or skinny belt through the holes and you’re ready to go!!


peplum belt diydose

Hey! Don’t judge

It may be difficult the first time but once u get a hang of it, it will become second nature I assure you.

Sorry I did not have enough pictures. Lost all of them! I just hope you got it all.

If something’s not clear, please leave a comment, ill be sure to explain. If you also have a better way of making this, do share, well be happy to learn from you.

Till next time!


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