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A big HELLO to my favourite persons in the entire world! You of course!! 😀 😀 😀 Pardon me I can be real cheesy sometimes…Mozzarella? Parmesan? See? I ‘m doing it again… Forgive me!! :p

My apologies for going AWOL. I had an seriousEXTREME case of hacking. My heart would literally stop everytime I visited my site and found strange posts. Sorry if you saw this too. Every attempt to ward them off proved consistently ineffective so I had to employ CreativityKills Web Servicesand now, I’m a happy girl again 😀

So you can imagine how excited I am about posting this tutorial. Ok I’ll spare you the details of the palpitations of my heart and get to it because I figure that’s why you’re here on DIYDOSE. This is how to make a Mickey Mouse T-shirt

For this tutorial, I had the opportunity to team up with an amazing photographer friend of mine BLAWZand wherever you have Bayo (His real name), there’s FUN, LOTS of people, horribly cooked noodles (His cousin will kill me for this) and plenty of jokes to go round… Yh and of course photo shoots 😉

Somehow, in between all of the craziness I was able to whip up this easy Mickey Mouse Inspired t-shirt. If I could do it in that space of time, sure as heaven can too.

Here’s how to make yours in five easy steps!!!!


Mickey Mouse tee 1

A Mickey Mouse template. I got mine HEREand printed at 110%.

Fabric Glue

A T-shirt (Mine is my old N.Y.S.C T-shirt)

Scrap Fabric (I used Ankara because I’m an ethnic kinda girl 😉 )



Clear Nail Polish



Cut out your template on paper and pin onto your scrap fabric to keep it steady while you cut carefully with your scissors. Do this slowly and carefully.

Mickey Mouse tee 2


Use a fray check, in my case, clear nail polish around the edge to prevent it from fraying. Stick precisely to the edge. You don’t want to mess it up with polish.

Mickey Mouse tee 3


Lay your T-shirt on a clean hard surface like a table (of course a table) then lay your template right where you want it. If you ask me it should sit right in the centre just below the neck.

Now stand back, walk down a little further just to be sure its properly positioned. Speaking from experience, your eyes can play tricks on you. So do a nice moon walk (MJ would be smiling from his grave) and make sure it’s sitting right where you want it.

Don’t you just love my manicure
Don’t you just love my manicure


Now it’s time to glue.

Carefully slip a grocery bag in between the T-shirt so that your glue doesn’t seep to the back and sandwich them. You seriously don’t want that to happen.

I usually glue it on section by section. I find it a smarter way as opposed to spreading the glue and placing it. Remember, you need it well positioned. Glue down the ears, the top of the head and then the rest of the head.

Mickey Mouse tee 5


Leave to dry.

That’s all.

TIP! Add some bling along the outline; sequins/stones even pearls. I would have but there wasn’t much time to.

Mickey Mouse tee 6
Toes in sand, pure pleasure

I had so much fun with my new t-shirt tucked into this pretty tutu made exclusively for me by my dear dear friend DAMI… Are there more ways to say I love you girl. I’M ALSO ONE YEAR NATURAL!!!! That was more than enough to CELEBRATE!!!!

Mickey Mouse tee 8 Mickey Mouse tee 9 Mickey Mouse tee 10

I hope liked it, and I hope you’ll make it. Not tomorrow!! Right now!!! Right!! (mail me the pictures. Don’t forget!!)

I’m here if you need to ask me anything. You can also leave your DIY requests in the comment box.

For those of you that just read without leaving a comment!!!!




P.S Blawz is running a 3 month photography class on the 2nd October. View his work and find out more HERE!! You’re gonna love them!!

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