DIY Fabric Covered Notepad

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Today’s tutorial is inspired by this 4-5year old horrendous looking notepad souvenir. (sincere apologies to the man in the picture)


You can’t even start to imagine the look on my face when I saw this notepad while rummaging through my dad’s stuff. If you don’t own at least one of these notebooks, it is safe to assume you are not Nigerian :)

Thankfully, the notepad print designs are a lot better now than they used to be, but please can people get a little more creative with party favors??

Looking on the bright side, I now have a good reason to DIY. :D

And since some of you have been requesting easy tutorials you can do in minutes. Well, here’s one. You can do this in 15mins or less. Get your glue ready! Lets go!!


  1. Cut your fabric. It should be wide and long enough to cover the notebook when you fold it over.

Notepad 3

2. First glue the sides

Notepad 4


3. Using your scissors, make two slits by the spine. Careful not to cut more than necessary.

Notepad 7

4. Now fold the top and bottom of both sides

Notepad 8

5. Add a little dab of glue to the bit of fabric left by the spine and use a sharp object to push it in.

Notepad 9

6. Youre almost done! Glue the first page of your notebook to the cover to make your work seamless and neat!

Notepad 10

Notepad 11


The African print gives life to everything it touches. But you can use any fabric you wish. You could dress it up with a ribbon bow, sequins, fabric flowers or lace… the possibilities are endless. (I put a thin layer of foam on the second notepad btw)

You could even get together with a few friends and make them into party souvenirs and save your guests from this tradition of ugly notepads.

Get creative! And don’t forget to send me pictures on


If you’re too busy to make so many, I know some1 who makes amazing notepad souvenirs, complete with custom print. They are nothing short of pretty i can assure you!

You can reach her on:



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